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Aaron + Ada’s Actual Wedding Day at Tanarimba Janda Baik “My Love, My Light, My Home”


Bride’s vow
“Dearest Aaron,
It is surreal to be standing here in front of you today in the presence of God, our family and friends to take you as my husband and share the rest of my life with you. I am truly blessed to have found someone who not only makes me laugh but is kind, loving and true. Thank you for being you and for making me a better person with every passing day. So Aaron Choi Ching Sern, here are some of my promises to you. ​

I promise to laugh at most of your jokes or at least manage an eye roll to acknowledge your efforts.

I promise to appreciate every second of the very “long” back rub that you give even if they really only last for 2 minutes.

I promise to always be your foundation and pillar of support in all your endeavours, especially on the road to getting accustomed to eating chilli so we can go for other cuisines aside from Japanese, Vietnamese and Italian.

I promise to learn to see through your eyes and keep myself open for you to see through mine to understand my views, secrets and dreams. ​

I promise to listen for that extra half beat that you hear in every song, or at least I’ll try.

I promise to be that extra bounce in every step that you take.

I promise to ask if anything made you smile or made you sad in your day. Then give you a reason to smile if you haven't had one that day or lift you up if you have had a hard day.

I promise to be patient when you need that extra second to collect your thoughts.

I promise to treasure the little moments, especially the forehead kisses that you give me so freely.

As we dance through life together, I promise to adapt to change and move with times as our relationship and love grows.

I promise to trust you, cherish you, honour you and build a home with you prioritising God as its centre. Most of all, I will do everything in love and that you will have for always always.”



Groom’s vow
“I, Aaron Choi Ching Sern, in the sight of God take you, Ada Chee Chui Mei to be my wife. All that I am I give to you, all that I have I share with you.

Whatever the future holds I will love you, every version of you and stand by you.

On every bright day I will laugh, dance and share every last ounce of joy with you. In difficult times I will share your frustrations your sadness and your fed-upness but whatever the times, whether in joy or in my frustration I vow to put you and your needs before my own.

I hear marriage is a journey of constant work but I cannot think of a better travel companion to brave the perils of life and to share the beauty. We will build our relationship with the love of Christ at its centre, growing in kindness towards each other and also everyone around us.

Ada Chee Chui Mei, today I choose you for the rest of my life but more importantly I vow to spend the rest of my life choosing you first.

My love, my light, my home”

Vendor partners

Photography by @thepausestudios
Cinematography by @thepausestudios
Hair and makeup by @celestenganmakeup
Deco by @sunnydaysflorist .

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