Adrianna + Prakash's Nikah and Actual Wedding Day at Saujana KL “Love is tangible”


This is our first-time attempt shooting a Malay wedding at Saujana KL, and there wasn’t a moment where we were not amazed by every corner of it. Everything was beautiful in its place thanks to the wonderful work by all the vendors, but at the same time the couple, Adrianna and Prakash were just simply lovely.


But there is no experience like making the commitment to be husband and wife in an intimate setting with your closest family and friends. Prakash has quite a way with words by telling what he felt to his only love. Their love is true and tangible - it can be seen and felt - you can’t help but fall in love with their story and be inspired to love so genuinely as they do.

Thank you, Adrianna and Prakesh for letting us experience your big day with you. It was not only great creatively to be able to capture such a stunning wedding. We are grateful to you both in so many ways and we hope the photos will inspire others as much as you have inspired us.