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Afifah and Steve's A Malaysia Chinese Wedding at Westin KL

Afifah and Steve wanted to be with each other despite their cultural differences. Speaking from my experience with my wife, making a decision which pleases both of us requires big compromises, especially when involving big families. Deep down inside, families wish their children to get married in their own way to continue the family tradition.
However, in Afifah and Steve’s case, both sides seemed to understand that wedding is not only about keeping traditions, it's also about celebrating their love and the lovely union of their families. Witnessing their laughter. I am amazed at how they enjoyed blending in and thoroughly immersing themselves in a culture different from theirs.
Above are Afifah and Steve. They came to Malaysia to merge as one, as they have managed to conquer their cultural barrier, language barrier, distance barrier, and ego barrier, all in the name of love. And they celebrated it with the brightest smile they could possibly have.

Vendor partners

Couple by @fifafofum @steve.leong67
Filmed and Photographed by Pause Studios Team
Makeup and Hair by @ryneetanmakeup
Wedding coordinator and Plan by and @wishhper
Bridal Bouquet by @within_theoccasions
Wedding deco by @within_theoccasions
Location at @thewestinkl
MC by @daikam11

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