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Alvin + Stephy’s Same Day Experience

“Never Give Up”

Alvin + Stephy’s Same Day Experience “Never Give Up”

Marriage is different for everyone. There is no one cookie-cutter formula to make a marriage work. But there’s one thing that every marriage need – and that is a strong commitment to never give up. Communication is the key to solve any problems in marriage life. We need to continuously learn about each other's feelings, emotions, struggles, even dreams and talk it out. We need to meet other people, or couples, to inspire our love life that could lead you to a long and happy marriage.

Now, when we look at this masterpiece of Alvin and Stephy, it’s easy to see that there’s something that makes them so perfect for each other. Congratulations again to the happy couple. We wish you love, joy,and a long life spent together. Please remember to never give up on each other. Nobody ever said marriage will be easy, but everyone says that it will be worth it.



Lots of love,
Pause Studios

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