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Ashton + Caroline's Destination Actual Wedding Day in Australia, Sydney 

"Love is a Ferris Wheel"

Ashton + Caroline's Destination Actual Wedding Day in Australia, Sydney 

"Love is a Ferris Wheel"

Love is a Ferris wheel, it takes low and high. When you reach the top, it’s like you can touch the sky! But in an instant, it takes you down to the ground and you lose the beautiful sight that you have just a second ago. But nevertheless, high or low, up or down, he is always accompanied by his one and only. When he is goes off, he takes her closely by his side, and continue this journey as he knows, he will never be alone.

For the first time ever, Pause Studios took a flight to the beautiful Sydney for nothing more but this loving couple, Ashton and Caroline. There's so many tears on the wedding days, especially during the speech and before the ceremony but it was just a different mood when everyone was having fun at the dance floor beside the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Thanks, Ashton and Caroline for giving us the chance to witness this enchanting wedding of them and reminding us the love of a family is life’s greatest blessings as Caroline holds so dearly of the hands of her mother.


Lots of love,
Pause Studios

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