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Calif + Weng Seng’s Same Day Experience

“Be yourself”

Calif + Weng Seng’s Same Day Experience “Be yourself”

How to look good on a wedding day? You can be yourself, no pretending, and no awkward moments. In the end, we believe that we are just a new friend of the couple, only with the camera.
Calif and Weng Seng is a fun couple. We are not surprised when they join the dance floor when the music starts. We already know the day is going to be lots of fun and full of laughs. Besides that, we were excited to meet our favorite photographer Alexis Fam during the day!

We are so grateful to the couple that they shared their good times with us, with their awesome family and friends, and most of all, that we were able to witness the strong bond that was made that day.

Lots of love,
Pause Studios.

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