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Chee Lian + Yee Man’s Next Day Experience

“True Story”

Chee Lian + Yee Man’s Next Day Experience “True Story”

You know what's really amazing? When you film your couple from proposal to wedding day, you'll forever remember how lovely is this husband and thoughtful wife.
We knew this wedding would be awesome and as the days lead to the wedding, the excitement continually heightened. Chee Lian and Yee Man are the type of couple you could just hang out with and have fun with.

We hope when you watch the same day edit photos and video perhaps getting a tear or two, it won't be because of the amazing dress that Yee Man wore or even the awesome outfit that Chee Lian wore. But it would be because their story, their relationships, and their love have touched you in some ways.

Kidding for the outfit of Chee Lian and Yee Man, both of you guys look good that day!

Once again, Chee Lian and Yee Man, we love you guys, thanks for the friendship and may these masterpieces be a reminder of what an epic love story you guys just started.



Lots of love,
Pause Studios

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