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Emily + Leo’s Same Day Experience

“Tears of Love”

Emily + Leo’s Same Day Experience “Tears of Love”

For Emily and Leo, they have felt that they were already up for the next chapter, a new beginning. The span of time together doesn't matter, but what's important is the moments they have spent and the memories they have shared.
On their wedding day, everything seemed perfect. We
seetheglow in every person's face, the smile on their lips, and the joy in their eyes. 
Emily couldn't contain her happiness and tears fell down from her eyes. And when they saw each other eye to eye, both of their faces are filled with love, passion, and desire. The people around them watched as they witness the union of two people so in love.
Congratulations again Emily and Leo! We wish you nothing but the best, and may this new chapter of your lives be filled with so much love, happiness, and blessings from above. Cheers!


Lots of love,
Pause Studios

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