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Eugene + Sherilyn's Wedding Day “Love, no matter what”

"Loving someone unconditionally means loving them no matter what the circumstances are. And the ‘no matter what’ part can be the trickiest to find balance on. In this short life that we led on earth, we are destined to fall in love, one way or another, only a matter of time. But, truth be told, there are people that we just couldn’t connect or resonate with; there are also some people we just couldn’t handle or face. It is as if we don’t have enough energy within us, as if we don’t have enough ‘grace’ in us to endure them, but when you find that special someone that you can make an exception for 'no matter what', you know you've found your person.

Couples who accept each other know full well that, although there may be differences or conflicts in their relationship, their love for each other is bigger than all that. Couples who accept each other know full well that there is no other love like theirs because the capacity of their hearts is specifically tailored for each other. As cliche as it sounds, they complete each other. Eugene and Sherilyn have shown us the true meaning of unconditional love and their energy is truly infectious.


Thanks for letting us be a part of this amazing day and we feel so much joy having had the chance to capture this intimate wedding and once again, proving that love is never canceled!"

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