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Harrison + Irwinder's Save The Date "Love>Distance"


We’ve known each other for about 7 years and we’ve been in a relationship for about 3 years. It’s been a wonderful 3 years although we were in a long distance relationship. We’d take turns travelling 320km to visit each other on opposite ends of Sabah. Sometimes, we pop-up at each other’s doorstep just for the sake of surprising the other, these were the one of the most memorable times. We grow closer to each other every day despite the distance.


What I love so much about him is how genuine & gentle he is as man. He cooks better than me so ever since we started going out I’ve never ran out of home cooked meals. He is dedicated to his family & throughout the time we’ve been together I’ve learned so much from him. I’ve learned many (sometimes boring) facts about the world, how to stay composed when things get hard and how to love. 


I can't wait for the rest of our lives :) 



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