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Iris + Nelson's Actual Wedding Day “It’s all about love”


This is the most emotional and touching wedding video we have ever filmed! Its all about love today. This couple's wedding vows will make you believe in the magic of love. So personal, sincere and emotive, their promises to each other are heartfelt and truly uplifting. Besides that, we can feel how much both Iris and Nelson appreciation and love to their family and friends.


The beautiful wedding of Iris and Nelson truly was every inch the fairytale wedding of every girl's dreams. The couple got their love story in Sydney surrounded by the beauty of the church and landscape. It was a real honor being part of the wedding with this special couple and seeing how much it meant to them and their families.

We are so excited to finally share this same day edit.
Iris and Nelson, thank you for sharing your magical day with us. We hope that you’ll walk a wonderful married life and may this film be a good reminder of what you have achieved together.

Photo Montages:



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