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Jaclyn + Kenny’s Next Day Experience

“Little One”

Jaclyn + Kenny’s Next Day Experience “Little One”

Jaclyn and Kenny went into parenthood before their marriage. Having Kevan was a bigger step than marriage.

We can see how much love and patience between Jaclyn and Kenny. 
Jaclyn and Kenny decided to write a letter to each other. In the letter, we felt they have been through up and down. However, they kept helping each other out and tolerance each other. Being each other backbone. Their relationship even stronger because of the little one.
We believe that their relationship got stronger as they embraced parenthood and marriage.

To Jaclyn and Kenny, we hope you are enjoying your wonderful marriage with your son Kevan. We are so happy to experience the warmth of your family and we will always cherish that.

Lots of love,
Pause Studios.

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