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Jeshua's Proposal

Jeshua and Felicia’s proposal

Jeshua wanted to surprise Felicia and propose to her in one of their favourite cafes. Jeshua would like to have this session as intimate as possible. We suggested that we capture the entire process with hidden cameras. The plan is for Jeshua is to bring Felicia to the dining place. He will tell her their love story and eventually lead to the proposal. We had to set several cameras in the room without being seen however, we do believe Felicia noticed them once Jeshua brought her to the dining area. Our team had been listening to what Jeshua said to Felicia. It was so sweet and genuine. We couldn’t show everything in this short video however, we believe you can feel how much they care and love each other. This has been one of the most rewarding projects we’ve ever worked on and we’re so happy that Jeshua and Felicia will forever have this memory of their surprise proposal. It is so beautiful, incredibly touching and genuine… make sure you have some tissues near you, because before you know it… you will be in tears.



Lots of love,
Pause Studios

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