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Hiew Mei + Ting Sheng’s Same Day Experience

“Lasting Memories”

Mun Chun + Joselynn’s Same Day Experience “Empowered by Love”

 A love that will take them both to places they never been before. One that will empower them so much to do greater things in life. Seeing how Mun Chun and Joselynn’s wedding day unfolded was like getting a preview to what their amazing life will become, full of life, accompanied by great friends and family, but most of all a life that will be full of selfless act of blessings towards others. 

Mun Chun and Joselynn were a gorgeous couple full of love and genuine gratitude for each other and their loved ones. They showed this gratitude to us as well, and for that we are very humbled. Thank you both for such a wonderful day, we wish you all the very best in your married life together.



Lots of love,
Pause Studios

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