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Leon + Lynette’s Same Day Experience

“Constant Love”

Leon + Lynette’s Same Day Experience “Constant Love”

As we witness a whirlwind of emotions, one thing remained constant - and it was love. The love that their parents, families, friends, and everyone else present have for Leon and Lynette. It was a union filled with pure love and happiness. Leon and Lynette vowed to love one another, and spend the rest of their lives making their relationship blossom into something grander, bigger, and fill it with all the love and passion that they have for one another.

Congratulations again Leon and Lynette! May you continue to live a life filled with love, and blessings from our above. Join us as we share with you Leon and Lynette’s very heartwarming same day edit video. Cheers!



Lots of love,
Pause Studios

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