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Mei + Kok Wai’s Highlight

“Eternal Love”

Mei + Kok Wai’s Highlight “Eternal Love”

What a ….. a day we had today. To fill in the blanks we can put all sorts of words such as “rainy”, “emotional”, “fun”, but what I would add in is probably “memorable”. This couple is definitely one to remember as they place such high regard for their relationship and how it has brought them to where they are today.

It was amazing seeing these couples together. They seem to be very comfortable and full of life when they look at each other. Kok Wai would smile so bright and Mei would look at him ever so gently. This is what weddings are all about. To celebrate the love so strong that will last for eternity.

Kok Wai and Mei we want to wish you all the very best. Keep on cherishing one another and loving each other. We hope this film will always remind you both what an amazing thing you guys have with each other.

Last but not least, thanks again to Classic V production for our first time ever collaboration with them. It was a fun a memorable during that day, those ups and downs will always be our truthful memories.

Lots of love,
Pause Studios

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