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Roxanne + Joshua’s Same Day Experience

“Never Can Say Goodbye”

Roxanne + Joshua’s Same Day Experience “Never Can Say Goodbye”


“ I thank God that I have met you since I was 15 years old. Thank God for bringing us together at an early age, as we could learn and grow together. I will never forget the time that we had to be a part due to your working trips, even if it was just 9 days, we cried like you are leaving for 9 years. But I know deep down it’s you and me together forever and never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart. I thank God that we are here today. I am grateful that God has sent you into my life, we have achieved things together, failed together, and most importantly, learned together. I want you to know that every compromise and hardship that we had been through was far worth it to call you my husband, and in the future, call you the father of our children With you, I have found my place in this world and my perfect companion. And so today until forever… I promise to always take care of you… and your car. I promise to love, respect, trust you and give you the best of myself.I promise to love your family as if they were my own. I love you and I will never give up on you. You are my man, always and forever.”


“ Darling, I am beyond grateful for having you by my side all these years,
Thank you for always inspiring me to be a better person.
Thank you for always being my anchor and supporting me in every decision I've made. 
Finally, here we are today! Standing in front of each other before God, our beloved family and friends. The moment when I can finally call you, my wife.
As we journey through this new chapter in our lives, I promise to always be by your side, holding your hands and walk down this road together.
So don't be afraid to follow and chase after your dreams. I promise to age gracefully with you and to grow old with you. I love you”

Once again thank you for trusting us to shoot your special day dear Roxanne and Joshua. We wishing you all the happiness and adventures in the world.



Lots of love,
Pause Studios

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