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Sandra and Walter’s Wedding Highlight

“WalSandra Forever!”

Sandra and Walter’s Wedding Highlight “WalSandra Forever!”

Black Panther fans, prepare to throw up your "WalSandra forever!" salute when you see this gorgeous couple inspired by the epic Marvel film. P.S this theme was groom’s idea after watching Black Panther movie.

Love is crazy and require compromise.
You can compromise and find that you are happier because things are actually great between the two of you. You might even realize that you’ve become a better person in the process. Because you want to make your partner happy, you become more punctual, or tidier, or less demanding, or more caring.

Sandra and Walter are such a sweet, gentle yet quirky and fun couple! Thank you for letting us witness your story - here's a sneak peek of their special day.

Lots of love,
Pause Studios

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