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Seth + Susan’s Same Day Experience in Saujana KL

“I Have You”

Seth + Susan’s Same Day Experience “I Have You”

We don’t want to boast about this couple. We like to thank them for their thoughtfulness and hospitality. We want to thank them for the fun and laughter we shared on the day. On the actual wedding day, there’s a lot of fun moment during the gate-crashing in the morning. Continue with the emotional evening, where Susan and Seth exchange vows. It was emotional when Susan was reading her the letter to Seth. We were expecting Susan to cry a lot despite everyone in the room was getting very emotional. From then on, we knew the day was going to be extra special. The mood was at the right place.

This is our first attempt at working with 2 ceremonies in one day and yet we were editing the Same Day Edit. It was fortunate that we got to finish our Same Day Edit on time. Thanks to the cooperation from Moments, wedding planners. We are glad that we got to capture the lovely moments that these people shared together with their friends and family. Thanks so much, Seth and Susan, may this video be a testament to how much you love each other and may your marriage be a blessing to many people around you.

Lots of love,
Pause Studios

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