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FM + Shaun’s Same Day Experience

“Forever Love”

FM + Shaun’s Same Day Experience “Forever Love”

We believe marriages are meant for men and women to partner up and build each other for the better. I think FM and Shaun will have no problem building each other up because they are just so natural together and they simply cherish one another in words hard to describe. We love seeing the union of the east and the west during the wedding day. Where everyone just accepts one another differences and similarities as they are. Where everyone found a common ground and that is their love for the couple and to support them.

We love mixed culture wedding. This one is quite a cute mix where Shaun, the car lover marrying the beautiful FM.
This couple is like a match made in Heaven and its so beautiful to see their love radiates everywhere around them. What is more beautiful is to see how much of their family and friends from different culture just nicely mixed with one another creating a great blend of family atmosphere.

Thank you guys for appreciating our work so much it fills our hearts
Have a great married life together!

Lots of love,
Pause Studios.

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