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Ganesh + Hema’s Next Day Experience

“Spark of Love”

Ganesh + Hema’s Next Day Experience “Spark of Love”

“We were two random strangers. Meeting at the first time in a unplanned random trip. The first time i saw you i knew it, there was a spark. it has changes from spark to flame. So let’s start our journey. “
by Ganesh (Groom of the day)

Ganesh and Hema’s wedding day was full of joy, fun and cheer. 
It was our first time in traditional indian wedding. We were nervous at the first but then the warm welcome get rid of the tension eventually. Thanks Ganesh (wedding photographer from g.s photography) for trusting our cinematography style.
We are so honoured to have captured it and can say we enjoyed ourselves a little bit too much!
Ganesh and Hema, Thanks again for trusting us and thank you for having us on your wedding day. Here's to your new journey!

Lots of love,
Pause Studios.

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