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Johnson + Sze Nee’s Same Day Experience


Johnson + Sze Nee’s Same Day Experience “Promise”

"Love is like a bank. We will always save and invest to make it stronger so that one day if there's problem or argument, we can always look back to the pass and see what we have done to each other from our pass and remember what we have been though together" by Pastor.

Johnson loves Sze Nee
Sze Nee loves Johnson

Johnson : She always support me, to be the man I want to be.
Sze Nee : When I have financial issue with my study loan, he stays by my side and Im grateful that he stays by my side.

Their promise to each other touched our heart. We love the tears of joy. But most of all, we love seeing how much they are in love. Thanks so much guys for the love and friendship. We wish you all the best with your married life.

Lots of love,
Pause Studios.

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