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Michael + Kenix’s Same Day Experience

“The Beauty Of Love”

Michael + Kenix’s Same Day Experience “The Beauty Of Love”

Michael and Kenix had their eyes set on having an exciting, fun and lovely wedding day for themselves. Why? Because they were exactly that - two exciting, fun and spur-of-the-moment type individuals whose only concern was to make sure that everyone enjoyed themselves.

The excitement was cast upon us as soon as Ck and I stepped into the Kenix’s place; to capture Kenix and her bridesmaids' morning preparation.
Kenix was excited and full of joy during that day. We could not miss her smile that day.

As for Michael, he was being very gentlemen and very kind to everyone. He was being very lovely and sincere to Kenix. We can felt Michael’s love and sincere during the interview session.

The first impression that Michael and Kenix gave us is they are just two people who’ve committed to appreciate one another. They see the beauty they have individually and see the potential of what they can reach together.

Our lenses can only do so much; but we can capture something one can look back to. In a union sprinkled with changes, the constant that remained for them was each other.

Our entire crew had such a pleasure capturing the wedding day. Thank you and congratulations again guys!!

Lots of love,
Pause Studios.

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