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Ronn + Jann’s Same Day Experience


Ronn + Jann’s Same Day Experience “Cherish”

Sometimes, the best type of intimacy is when couple laugh together, hold each other and just cherish each other.
When we ask Ronn and Jann how long they have been together? This is what they answer
“We have been together for 3years now.The day we got together falls on 8 March 2014.This date marks a very significant day as it is co-incidentally falls on the same day where Malaysia Airlines MH370 went missing mysteriously.Through this ill-fated event, we learnt to appreciate each other more, cherish each moments and love each other unconditionally.”

From that moment, we know how much Ronn and Jann appreciate and cherish each other.

Besides that, they love.. Lego! They enjoy building lego together. We can see how much they spend their time with each other. Once again, thank you so much Ronn and Jann for having us on the biggest day of your life (yet). We hope you will keep on creating beautiful memories with your travels and lego sets! We think you guys are awesome and really appreciate the honour of being the one to capture your wedding day.

Lots of love,
Pause Studios.

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