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Tenson + Wei Yi’s Next Day Experience

“Full of Love”

Tenson + Wei Yi’s Next Day Experience “Full of Love”

Tenson and Wei Yi is a couple that bring joy. They are just full of love. How they look at each other, how they joke around with each other, how they just appreciate each other to the fullest. 
I can say that I'm personally happy because its so heart warming to see them together on their wedding day. 
Besides this two lovely couple, another memorable part of the day is where I saw a close relation between Wei Yi and her mom.
Wei Yi kisses her mom when her mom was busy preparing foods in the kitchen.
It was a scene which replace thousands words.

They are such awesome people and we got along really well. The team enjoyed the day and everything couldn't have gone smoother.

Thanks so much Tenson and Wei Yi for having us to capture your wedding day and for being awesome people!

Lots of Love,
Pause Studios.

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