Wun Peng + Yee Teng’s Same Day Experience

“First Christmas”

Wun Peng + Yee Teng’s Same Day Experience “First Christmas”

Let us sums this memorable wedding.
- Wun Peng and Yee Teng are super cool people and so do the crowd.
- Wun Peng has some awesome groomsmen.
They been very committed to thegate crashing.
- Yee Teng bridesmaids take care the wedding day well.
- Had probably one of the funniest gate crashing session during a wedding shoot.
- Love the SDE and it represented the day so truthfully.
Thanks so much Wun Peng and Yee Teng for having us. The wedding day was not only uniting them two, it was uniting the two loving families.
To all vendors and partners,
thankyour for being nice to us and so professional. You made everything easier and more beautiful.
To Wun Peng and Yee Teng, we hope you are enjoying your first Christmas as husband and wife. We experienced the warmth of your family and we will always cherish that.


Lots of love,
Pause Studios.


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