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Award winning wedding videography
Award winning wedding videography
Wedding Notebook videographer
top wedding videographer in malaysia


These are just some of the many wedding films that we have been honored to capture

Eugene and Fiona’s Wedding Highlight “You Are The One” | Garden Wedding at Tanarimba Janda Baik

Eugene and Fiona’s Wedding Highlight “You Are The One” | Garden Wedding at Tanarimba Janda Baik

There is one thing in my opinion that makes a wedding video beautiful: emotion. It can be between the bride and the groom, or between the bride and her parents, or the bride and her brother. It s this display of raw emotion, unguarded and loose, captured on film that always makes a video so heartwarming. Feelings, frozen in time, to be relived over and over again. Eugene and Fion shared a moment, one that brought tears to the eyes of everyone who witnessed. At Janda Baik, they spoke their lifelong vows to each other, in front of their family and friends. Their wedding was not a ceremony but a celebration. A celebration of finding the right hand to hold, the right life to share, and the right heart to fall for. They are more than lovers, they are a beacon for love. They personify the love story we are all looking for. As we witnessed their intimate wedding, it became clear to us. They were two people, two hearts, but the rhythm of their heartbeat was the same. We hope you enjoy watching it! Filmed by Pause Studios Team Photography by Mun Keat Photography Makeup artist by GellyWee Vincy Wedding Deco and Bouquet by Donce FIne Floristry Wedding Coordinator by Pretty Little Things Emcee by Emcee Voon Dress by GellyWee Wedding bands by Cartier Shoes by The White Atelier and Dior Suit by Lords Tailor Venue by Tanarimba Janda Baik Caterer by Brickhouse Website: Email: Instagram: #weddingvideo​ #weddingmalaysia​ #jandabaik
Joanne and Kelton’s Wedding Day, Next Day Edit “Faith and Love” at Lightbox

Joanne and Kelton’s Wedding Day, Next Day Edit “Faith and Love” at Lightbox

Wedding days will most likely stay with the couple for a long time. A simple white setup, the scent of fresh-cut flowers, the tears through the heart from happiness might be washed away after time and be replaced with new memories, happier memories. Kelton’s vows Dearest Joanne, it's amazing what happens when we give things a little bit of faith. With faith we overcame our many obstacles in building our relationship, nurturing our love one step at a time, each an important step in probably my life's most fortunate sequence of events - the steps we took together as I grew with you, as I grew deeper into my love for you. Joanne’s vows Dear Kelton, I am always grateful that we found each other in this big crazy world. You have taught me much-needed lessons in patience and kindness, brought joy even on my moodiest of days, and most of all, loved me for all that I am, who I am, and who I will be. I don’t think I say it enough, but do know that I love you; more than words can ever say, truly, deeply, infinitely. Joanne and Kelton, thank you for reminding us of the simplicity of love. A love based on friendship and a mutual joy when you're simply in the company of your special other and those you love. Stay in love! Filmed by Pause Studios Team Photographed by @Chester Kher Creations - International Wedding & Portrait Photography Coordinated by Chic Events & Designs Decored by Pretty Little Things Makeup by @Clarachay111 Website: Facebook: #weddingvideo #weddingmalaysia #weddingday


Pause Studio is a team of passionate young people who have the same dream, working together to pause the precious wedding moments. Capturing the moment in a creative and meaningful way is never easy, but it’s the process and rewards of capturing these moments on the most important day of your life that keep us coming back to the challenge.





There are so many beautiful moments building up towards the wedding ceremony on the day of, from the bride getting ready together with her closest friends, to the crazy and fun antics of the groom and his groomsmen. Our goal is to create impactful photographs that combines creativity, emotion, and artistry for a truly differential end product and experience.



Everyone has their own story, and we’d love to hear yours. We want to pause your precious moments with our unique style of photography where we pride on crafting clean, vibrant, lifestyle yet bold images using creative lighting techniques and our signature post production style.

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We focus very much on the shooting experience because we believe in making meaningful connections with our clients. After each session, we will put together a meticulously handcrafted memento for you to keep and also share your memories with your loved ones. Whether you are celebrating a joyful occasion of welcoming a new member to your family or simply, to unleash that inner model in you and capture a self- portraiture through our eyes, Pause Studios is your one stop photography solution for all occasions.


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