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Chris + Michelle’s Same Day Experience

“Stand By Me”

Chris + Michelle’s Same Day Experience “Stand By Me”

We usually pick the SDE song on the day because we want it to fits the couple and how the day be like. Just right after the ceremony, I showed CK the song “Stand by Me“. He said this song is perfect for Chris and Michelle. We felt the same way and that's how we come up with this song for the Same Day Edit video.
Chris and Michelle were from Kota Kinabalu. It was a memorable day for our team. Thanks so much Chris and Michelle for having our team. We really like you guys and we pushed hard today to give the best we can. We hope you guys will enjoy our little
creation,videos,emotions, and stories all mixed up together to show who you are as a couple. I believe we got it pretty bang on. Thanks again and may you guys grow old together.


Lots of love,
Pause Studios.

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