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Clarissa + Joshua’s Highlight

“My First & Last Mrs. Darcy”

Clarissa + Joshua’s Highlight “My First & Last Mrs. Darcy”

Hi! Joshua and Clarissa.

If there’s only one word to describe them. We would say “Lovely”
Both of them were both lovely and caring persons so we request Clarissa and Joshua to write us some message to each other and this is what we received.

The question that we have asked Joshua

Yesterday was exactly 49 months we have been together as a couple & fiancé. We've come so far from where we first started. I remember you once told a friend of ours that when we first met, you actually find me 'repulsive'. Yes, you used that word! He was too 'confident', loud, talkative, imposing and overly idealistic, you say.

Can you believe that today we are getting married? I never knew I could love and be loved so much. There is no one else I would rather spend my life with. You have been my greatest critic and best friend. Thank you for being there for me in almost every good and bad thing that happened to me. I love you.



Lots of love,
Pause Studios

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