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Darren + Mae’s Wedding Highlight

“True Love”

Darren + Mae’s Wedding Highlight “True Love”

19th October 2019, it was such a special wedding day. Unlike the usual ones, we have a rather chill environment - we were able to see that everyone was truly enjoying this important moment with Mae and Darren. Their friends and families came from all around the world, but the distance doesn’t matter, they happily present and give their blessings. The day went through with so many tears, but no one was bothered by that because they were crying tears of joy. I guess that’s what we called, Happiness. Something that we all look for in life, something we try to pursue every day, maybe it is something as simple as seeing someone that you love being happy. We can definitely tell that Mae and Darren are down to earth from how they interact so sweetly with all, from the youngest to the eldest, with no boundaries at all. Even the Pause Team wishes to be part of the fam bam! We feel so blessed to be part of this wedding. Last but not least, best wishes for Mae and Darren as you build your new lives together.



Lots of love,
Pause Studios

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