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Joanne and Kelton’s Next Day Experience

“Faith and Love”

Joanne and Kelton’s Next Day Experience “Faith and Love”

Wedding days will most likely stay with the couple for a long time. A simple white setup, the scent of fresh-cut flowers, the tears through the heart from happiness might be washed away after time and be replaced with new memories, happier memories.

Kelton’s vows
Dearest Joanne, it's amazing what happens when we give things a little bit of faith. With faith we overcame our many obstacles in building our relationship, nurturing our love one step at a time, each an important step in probably my life's most fortunate sequence of events - the steps we took together as I grew with you, as I grew deeper into my love for you.

Joanne’s vows
Dear Kelton, I am always grateful that we found each other in this big crazy world. You have taught me much-needed lessons in patience and kindness, brought joy even on my moodiest of days, and most of all, loved me for all that I am, who I am, and who I will be. I don’t think I say it enough, but do know that I love you; more than words can ever say, truly, deeply, infinitely.

Joanne and Kelton, thank you for reminding us of the simplicity of love. A love based on friendship and a mutual joy when you're simply in the company of your special other and those you love. Stay in love!

Lots of love,
Pause Studios

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