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How To Plan An Intimate Wedding During A Pandemic

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

It’s 2020 and the new normal is here to stay. Wedding planning has taken a very different turn from what we’re used to. On top of the long to-do list for a typical wedding, big or small, we must also consider and incorporate numerous health and safety precautions to ensure everyone’s safety. So yes, we can only imagine how daunting it must feel for our newlyweds who’re planning their wedding during a pandemic. Here are some quick and easy tips we’ve put together to help ease your mind.

1. Sanitisers everywhere

Ensure there are sufficient sanitising stations all over the venue. Alternatively consider replacing wedding favors with sanitisers. I’m sure your guests will appreciate the gesture!

2. Zero contact greetings

Instead of greeting your guests with handshakes and hugs, go for the elbow bump! It’s very counterintuitive but very effective measure to ensure there’s adequate social distancing.

3. Wear a mask

Make it mandatory for guests and vendors to wear mask. Provide disposable masks on site for those who didn’t bring their own. If you’re big on customisation, provide customised masks as favors for your guests – now that’s a fashion statement.

4. Seat arrangement

Ensure there’s adequate social distancing between seating arrangements in the event space. Segregate guests by groups (by household or workplace) so they can celebrate within the same social bubble.

5. Catering

Coordinate with your caterer to replace buffets with individual plated meals, this minimises risk of cross contamination that could happen during long queues for buffets.

6. Outdoor event space

Whenever possible, opt for outdoor event space because air circulates better and greatly reduces the risk of germ being contained and circulated within an enclosed space

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