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Now that you’ve decided on taking your engagement shoot or pre-wedding shoot, the next biggest question would be – what should I wear? As we have emphasized in our previous post, these sessions should be fun and enjoyable and while any important photo opportunity comes with a lot of preparation and pressure to look your best, choosing what to wear shouldn’t be one of them and here’s why.

To keep things simple, we recommend one formal and one casual outfit so you will have two distinctive looks for your session. The key outcome we’re all searching for is timelessness, it’s important that your engagement photos remain relevant and in trend 10, 20 years down the road.

Inspiration for formal outfit

Formal outfits are simply timeless and fit for celebration.

It pays homage to the importance of your engagement while looking like a million bucks. Furthermore the entire look gives off a classy and dreamy vibe.

However, it’s important to wear something that you absolutely LOVE! Choose a style that’s similar to your personal preference and keep it simple. It’s better to be under-accessorized than overdoing it.

Inspiration for casual outfit

Casual outfits gives out a completely different vibe which is more lifestyle and less staged.

It’s comfortable, relaxing and really allows your playful side to come alive. It’s also perfect for capturing movements and intimacy.

You can keep it simple with a plain white top, get creative with bold colors, or layer up with sweaters or jackets for a warm and fuzzy vibe. Casual outfits really adds a lot of character to your session so it’s definitely a must-have!

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